CPCS presents findings from the Zimbabwe Railway Market Study. Hosted by the World Bank.

CPCS was engaged by World Bank Group (WBG) on August 16, 2018 to provide consultancy services for the Zimbabwe Railway Expanded Market Study (the assignment). The main objective of the assignment is to carry out a market study for Zimbabwe railways and examine the potential for modal shift of freight from road to rail, particularly along the Harare-Durban and Harare-Beira corridors.

The study is expected to mainly assist the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) with potential interventions to improve the performance of its network and help the organisation capture potential freight traffic on the two corridors.


NRZ has a rail network designed to accommodate up to of 18 million tonnes per annum, but rail utilization has been on the decline, with NRZ moving only about a 3.6million tonnes in 2018.

CPCS found that up to 3 billion tkms of additional traffic could potentially move on rail in the short to medium terms if NRZ provided a higher level of service (high-capacity, reliable, predictable and efficient services) required by the shippers, made improvements to its network and invested in much needed rolling stock.

CPCS presented their findings at a workshop on February 28th in Harare, Zimbabwe. The workshop was organised by the World Bank Group and was attended by various transport sector stakeholders including NRZ and the Southern Africa Railway Association (SARA).